Most Dangerous Places to Visit

The year of 2020 will begin soon and tourists will make their preparations to travel to different locations in the world but before you travel to any place in the world, make sure to check which destination is safe for you. This doesn’t only make your tour a lot easier, but also more secure just like choosing a good flooring provider. Following places are advised by professional tourists not to travel which means you will not have a pleasant experience in these places.

Galapagos Island

Traveling Companies are against the Galapagos Islands tourism because of the region’s endangered ecosystem of living organisms, which has been aggravated by its growing tourism. The Government of Ecuador has put several restrictions and rough laws on traveling to this place but more than two hundred thousand people visit the region every year which has led the tourist to have several damages to their health and body.

Savage Mountain (K2)

The mountain is located in Pakistan in the Himalayas and is about 8611 meters above sea level which makes it the second-largest in the world “according to sea level”. The mountain originally known as K2 or Mount Godwin Austen but it is called Savage Mountain because only 300 people had successfully climbed this mountain in their lifetime and 77 people died in making an attempt in climbing to the peak. This means that every one-fifth of climbers were left dead on this journey. That is why nobody has ever dared to climb it in winter and the mountain is nicknamed as “Savage Mountain” because of its hard progress to climb.

North Korea

However, this place is very restricted to travel but more than five thousand people from west travel here each year. Many people who visited North Korea had been accused of lifetime imprisonment of just stealing a poster. A student of US had died in making this attempt. So, it will be the right choice to avoid the country of North Korea because of its leading tensions of diplomacy with other countries throughout the world.


Jerusalem has always been a difficult place to travel for tourists because of its leading violent problems between the diplomatic conditions of Israel and Palestine which has been gone worse when the US announced the international location of Israel’s Capital. But people still travel this place and many have faced hard consequences in their living conditions.

Things to do When Planning to Travel

At last, you would like to leave your regular habit and take some few moments anywhere on a lovely part of the world. Before you visit the Liberty Statue in New York, or the piazzas in Rome, there is a significant number of things to do to help in full preparations.

Set a budget

It’s essential to set a price plan as quickly as you can –even if you haven’t decided on the destination place, transport schedules or return flight. It enables you to schedule and experience the journey under your own confines. Your job is to investigate the expenses that you incur during the trip and the type of transport means you like, so you can prevent any dissatisfaction that might occur as a consequence of not doing so.

Other places are usually less costly compared to others, and there are methods to reduce cost in every destination, especially in the off-season. Always put more funds than you anticipate that you will use.

Pick a destination

Now after you understand the amount of money you will use, where are you going for the holidays? You have the option to almost all lovely locations around the globe. Some may not be possible, based on your expenditure amount. Choose a place that’s on your travel roster and schedule your trip around it.

Choosing a travel location is extremely crucial as it provides you a clear objective. It will not only make your journey become more realistic and simpler to undertake, but it will also ensure that scheduling is simpler.

Get your documents in order

You require some significant documents based on your selected location. If you haven’t taken a passport, it will need you to wait for around five weeks to obtain one from the moment you apply. So be ready to have this as well within a week of your journey.

Remember also to Inspect its expiration date. In relation to passports, you should have legitimate visas for some nations too. Look up for the visa type that you require and register for earlier enough because getting one is a complex method that can take long after you’ve been granted entry.

Consider travel insurance. There are various travel insurance types, and medical covers is just one of the many. It protects you when your possessions are damaged, your plane is postponed, or something is robbed from you.

Camping tips for beginners

Campers who set their camps on high altitude and mountains experience great changes than the campers close to sea level. Furthermore, the weather in the mountains is unpredictable and can be violent for beginners. To mitigate the problems during camping and to truly enjoy the camping experience we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks for camping.

Spot on mountain

Find a spot on the mountain that is on the leeward side of the mountain slope and apply the rule of thumb in hilly areas. There might be considerably fewer winds on the higher altitudes and event tends to be lesser and milder on the slope.

Food for camping

There are two main keys to stay hydrated and to keep electrolytes balanced in your body during camping which is banana and water. Pack extra banana and water, the water source and potassium keep your body electrolyte balanced and helps you to avoid muscle cramps and headache during camping.

Extra ropes and stakes

The winds can be expected higher in a mountainous area as compared the areas closer to sea level. In case of high winds, you tie things with ropes and stake them down.

Keep sunscreen and lotion in your bag

The air is drier at the mountainous area and intense sun rays can cause sunburn to your skin and dry your skin. If you are going camping the make sure to keep sunscreen and lotion with you. Apply this on your sensitive and exposed areas.

Proper footwear

You must take about an extra pair of footwear for your camping. You may have to trek for several days for hilly areas. Extra trek footwear which has lightweight, low cut boots that are comfortable for trekking.

Adjust packs

The backpack for camping must be comfortable and you must be able to wear it properly. Take care of the backpack that it should be the right fit to carry for your trip. In other words, it can cause blood blisters, backaches and bruises on your shoulder.


You should carry with yourself quick drying hiking pants, quick-drying athlete underwear two in number, one or two pairs of wool socks, 2 short sleeve base layer, long sleeve base layer, rain jacket, down pullover or insulated fleece jacket. These are the important clothes list that you should carry in your backpack to make your camping easy and joyous.