Best Non-Island Travel Destination

Seattle is a beautifully developed city encircled by unrivaled admirable beauty. It can be a little bit exciting to walk around in an unknown place, but on some occasions, it will be a great idea to get everything prepared. There are many Seattle Vacation Packages available which are largely breathtaking for tourists. The city of Seattle has a lot of glorious and awesome history which you will see in the city itself like the Seattle Space Needle or the Museum of Pop Culture. The city of Seattle has different vacation packages to offer which can be greatly adventurous depending on your choices.

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Best Non-Island Travel Destination

4. Staying Power Package

Renaissance Hotel of Seattle is a stylish piece of art in the industrial city which provides large opulent rooms with high-quality service and is being rated for four-star housing and modern facility. The hotel provides full support to the travel package and makes a trip to the museum of pop culture, pike place market and many other shopping destinations for your which are commendable. If you stay for 3 consecutive nights you will receive a discount of 30% and for 4 nights it rises up to 40%.

3. Go All Out Package

The city of Seattle has an Arctic Club which provides great service and offers luxurious features which are situated in a historical building in the business district of Seattle. The hotel service offer unique locally designed beds and the features are rare and fancy. The Go All Out Package doesn’t discriminate any race but also offer the best gay destinations, the Pleasure Season Festival, and other gay functions.

2. Glassblowing Package

The Maxwell Hotel is a Classic destination just situated against the admiring attractions of Seattle. The Hotel is largely dependent on Seattle’s Art Group and the vacation package provides clients intuition into the simple skill of glassblowing. Clients get a discount depending on the room charges and other facilities appreciative network, high-quality service, swimming pool, and a gym.

1. Pike Place Fish

Hotel at the Marketplace is a peaceful sanctuary situated in the popular Pike Place shopping destination. The hotel provides the package to its clients with a distinctive environment at the marketplace of the city. The Package offers long night arrangements, you can only park one car in their belonging area. I suggest you to avail this package to make your trip wonderful and memorable.

Take Two Weeks and Travel Europe

The continent of Europe is a mixture of breathtaking landscape and complicated wonders that are famous to travel. If anyone plans to visit only one region in Europe and not any other than he or she may be committing a mistake because there are many places in Europe and in its every area to travel. You can travel most of Europe in just two weeks. First, you have to decide all the trip and travel destinations. You should begin your tour by selecting a popular city or region.

Starting your Trip

You will have much power and eagerness at the start of your two week tour. So, this is the perfect time for you to explore and discover the places you are traveling. If you are traveling to Europe for the first time than it will be a great choice to travel to the major cities like Paris, London or Rome to discover the hidden wonders of the world from the past. However, it is expensive to travel to these places but they provide several fun moments and enjoyable discoveries that stay in your mind for a whole lifetime.

Spending Time 

If you want to have fun and memorable experience in your life then you should at least spend more than four days in each country which means you should spend one day in each city. This not only makes your tour really great but also enhances your experience that can help you in the near future. You should keep this in mind that to travel to a metropolitan area that can provide you faster and better facilities because of the shorter trip time, it is recommended to travel only in major cities. So, you should remember to stay in the public area and explore the region wisely.


The reason of recommendation to travel each city one day because if you spend four to three days in a city then you will not have the chance to see the hidden wonders of the past and breathtaking landscapes. It is advised to make a list for which place to travel at which day, this way you will have a better time in these wonderful cities. You should also remember that to give your activities a certain amount of time to visit on this short trip. These types of exercises are also carried out by professional tourists.

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